Myrrhism Message Fifteen FACE

It is your choice and decision to make to secure your eternal abode.  Make no mistake not accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior and the only option for a Heavenly entrance is choosing the opposite >>>>>> HELL.  We all will have an ending in this earthly existence to transcend into an eternal life.  The decision to make a choice is all up to us.  This is something we all have control over and the power of a decision that is an individual’s to make.  Realize that we all are drawing closer to the final judgement, so while we have the ability to decide, let us do so and seal the deal for where we will ultimately remain forever.

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Hell and Heaven are real and God gives us the freewill to make this as an everlasting destination.  So, which one do you want to F.A.C.E. as your permanent residence?

F = Freewill

A = All

C = Choose

E = Eternal-Destination

We have to face the facts that all of us have sinned and come short of the glory of God.  We also must realize that there is only one way to gain entrance into God’s House and that is through Jesus Christ being our personal Lord and Savior.  We also need to abide by the truth that God shares from the Bible.  This acceptance is not an option but our directive to be people of faith.

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We must choose this day whom we will serve.  We must make a choice to choose life or succumb to death.

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Let us keep it real, there is coming to all of us a demise unless Jesus returns in our lifetime to rapture us up.  Either way, there will be a finality for where our souls will end.  And the ending is never ending that being either our souls will experience constance bliss of Heaven versus agonizing continuum of torture in Hell.

Once we exit this earthly realm and die the decision we made (or didn’t make) will solidify our chose for our final destination.  Remember there is not going to be a chance to decide in judgement to choose eternal life with God in Christ Jesus.  There is no crossing over from Hell to Heaven.  So, let us use our life choices wisely and urgently know that we must make a decision now.

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