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Keep pressing even in pain

Sometimes in our efforts to realize a dream, we may have to endure pain and uncomfortable situations. Remember God confirms that if we don’t give up when doing well-doing we will reap if we faint not.

Bucket List Check Off!

Writing this small portion of my testimony and journey for this book anthology was cathartic. Although, it brought me tears and visceral recounts of the encounter that would forever change the trajectory and outlook on my life, it was necessary that I get it out on paper and share. I pray my portion and the…


God gives us a new song. Today I woke up remembering those who have passed away. Lord, I thank you for your healing, comfort, and promise. From pain to prayer to pursuit helps brings to pass your purpose and position. I am not a great singer yet this is the new song of my heart…

One Word: Jesus and it is D.O.N.E.!

So, just like Jabez had to deal with the inconvenience of a name that meant Pain, I and I am sure we all at times have to deal with a painful situation in order to get the breakthrough into our purpose. My purpose for me, my household, my seed, my legacy, my destiny, my inheritance,…


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