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Faith and Prayer: It Works!

When you pray and even if you doubt ask God to help you with the unbelief because no need to not get your breakthrough! God knows us and knows how we think and where we are in our spiritual walk. Just be real with God and He is always real with us. I know Prayer…

Stand, Sing, & Salute

Our history is not confine to one race of people, but is a collaboration of what we have contributed for all mankind to thrive. Whether recognized as Black History Month, African American Heritage Celebration, or People of Color Celebration; we are strong, resilient, and resistant against all odds WE PREVAIL and Soar to continue. We…

Keep pressing even in pain

Sometimes in our efforts to realize a dream, we may have to endure pain and uncomfortable situations. Remember God confirms that if we don’t give up when progressing in well-doing for the promise is we will reap if we faint not.

Bucket List Check Off!

Writing this small portion of my testimony and journey for this book anthology was cathartic. Although, it brought me tears and visceral recounts of the encounter that would forever change the trajectory and outlook on my life, it was necessary that I get it out on paper and share. I pray my portion and the…


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