Part 4 Abigail’s Story: How to change the narrative of your story with only a few seconds?

Okay, here is the scenario: Your team is facing the end of their chances to keep hope alive for getting into the Super Bowl. Why? It is the 4th quarter, the opposing team is ahead by 3 points, and there are only 13 seconds left. TIME to change the channel and suck it up to they had a good run while it lasted! OH NO wait a minute don’t change the channel the Swan Song has been canceled. What do you mean in 10 seconds your team got all the way down to a manageable field goal opportunity. And just like that, we are in OT. Facing Fate you did not flinch, you did not flee, you did not fear! What you did was WIN in Overtime. So, I ask you the question, if you only had a few seconds to live or die, to win or lose, to course-correct; HOW WOULD YOU CHANGE THE NARRATIVE OF YOUR STORY?