Myrrhism Message Twenty MOM

Moms are the foundational structure and glue for civilizations.  Families are built upon the shoulders of supportive, wise and industrious mothers who bind the ties of solid, progressive societies into positive, productive, states. Mountains are moved when a mother, grandmother, aunt, and the woman(women) of a family begin to pray.  Many obstacles are avoided due…

Myrrishm Message Nineteen MESS

Facing a mess (moments everyone secures situationally) in life is inevitable. Realize the perspective that you find your mess can be one of great overwhelming heaps that present often stagnation of growth. Mess can also be the place where comrades enjoy a festive meal while engaged in a militia's mission journey. God's ultimate invitation is to have whosoever will (extended to all but accepted by few) will RSVP to the VIP Heavenly Merry Mess Banquet.