Faith Speaks and it is so…Dry Bones Live!

Time to revive your hope in God. YES, we have an example that even dry bones can be brought back to life. God instructed Ezekiel to speak life to the valley of dry bones. He did and heard and witnessed the message that God told him to say over those seemingly dead graveyard be brought back to a functioning lively army. God can do anything! He can do all things. What we need to do is get connected to HIS WORD on the matter. Any situation can be spoken a word of life on it and then the resurrection can occur. DRY Bones DO LIVE AGAIN!

NLT – Paradigm Conversations

The journey is constant. The struggle is real. The victory is available. The goal can be achieved. How? Well there is a realm where our destiny is unveiled. We can tap into this arena by simply putting our faith into action and our works into a precise plan. So, yes it can be ours to behold if we just strive on...

Thought for the day: What do I Perpetuate?

Today I prayed and then I listened. I was impressed to define the word Perpetuate. I asked myself why this word? Then I realized that if I personally want change in my life for whatever situation I have wanted; I must be the one to choose to change. I needed to realize what do I consistently do that is in direct opposition to what I say or think or believe I want to do (what I have hoped for being or realized or manifested in my personal and professional life). So, for me I had to define this word as what is my habit? Then what will I do if I don't want this habit to dictate my current and eternal destiny? I offer my own thoughts and breakdown of the word for how we can have life and that life more abundant. I truly believe it starts with the choice and active decision to change who we subscribe as the author and finisher of our faith...then all the other pieces of our life's puzzle can start taking shape - one piece at a time and one moment at a time,.