I Hear Rain and Dry Bones Rattling

I hear the sound of rain and the rattling of dry bones! God has promised abundant Life! Time to tune our senses into His word to receive His blessings! The scripture says let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. Well the time is now to reap. God promises that our latter days would be greater than our former days. If there has been hindrances; I repent. Let us all repent for anything in our lives, thoughts, actions, and pursuits that caused the delays. Let us not be a Jonah but let us be a Joshua and cross over to the other side. Can you hear God calling you by His Spirit. He is saying N.O.W. New-Beginnings is Our Witness. We can actually have the manifested promise of our future hoped for now in this season. Time to hear and do the word of the Lord. With God all things are possible and it is not possible to please the Lord if we are not faithful and obedient! Selah Shalom and Amen Indeed!

Faith Speaks and it is so…Dry Bones Live!

Time to revive your hope in God. YES, we have an example that even dry bones can be brought back to life. God instructed Ezekiel to speak life to the valley of dry bones. He did and heard and witnessed the message that God told him to say over those seemingly dead graveyard be brought back to a functioning lively army. God can do anything! He can do all things. What we need to do is get connected to HIS WORD on the matter. Any situation can be spoken a word of life on it and then the resurrection can occur. DRY Bones DO LIVE AGAIN!