Myrrhism Message Eighteen FREE

"If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed." John 8:36 King James 2000 Bible Are you truly FREE (Fully Realized & Reborn Endowment Eternally)? Have you embraced the Word of God who is Jesus the answer to all mankind when it comes to how one can truly become FREE and [...]

Myrrhism Message Seventeen HEART

HEART How Everyone Acknowledges and Announces Rooted Tenets Today in this day and age of chaos it is necessary to become rooted in God's word.  The truth of God's word will solidify our ability to be confident in the midst of a storm.  Trials, challenges, tribulations, tragedies, temptations, and all manner of evilness is in [...]

Myrrhism Message Sixteen Y.E.S.

Your Eternity Sealed equals the Y.E.S. choice that you have a free-will to make for your life.  Eternity awaits your decision.  Will it be life with God  in Heaven forever or death without God in Hell eternally? The decision is up to you.  Your heart accepts or rejects the way that your  life's ballot is [...]

Myrrhism Message Fifteen FACE

It is your choice and decision to make to secure your eternal abode.  Make no mistake not accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior and the only option for a Heavenly entrance is choosing the opposite >>>>>> HELL.  We all will have an ending in this earthly existence to transcend into an eternal life.  The [...]