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“911, What’s Your Emergency?”

I need C.P.R. + N.O.W.

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Hi, I am Miriam S. Stevens, founder, and initiator of The Thankful Revolution. This movement came about after I had a traumatic life experience in October 2008. After I had hit rock bottom – job loss, income loss, and barely existing – I had an epiphany of sorts. God through the prayer of my son and a “cup of soup” allowed me to somehow get out of my funk and into a new way of thinking. Thus, The Thankful Revolution was birthed!

Desperate times required desperate measures and yes I needed a breakthrough and break up from the demon knocking at my door! Lifelessness was that evil critter’s name. Once I could break from that dastardly enemy to my soul; I could finally find some “hope” in my situation. Therefore, I could divorce that constant tormenting and evil lie that said you will never amount to much and your life doesn’t matter. Well, you know that enemy was a Stealer of Dreams, Killer of lives, and Destroyer of destinies. This barrage of “hate speech” narration had to be evicted from my mind and eliminated from my life. So, Yes N.O.W. Speaks life, hope, peace, joy, and abundant existence into my life and environment.

N.O.W. = New-Beginnings is OUR Witness! Time to get living and living our BEST LIFE! So, here I am and here you are; So, I think we should talk about it and see what we can share in order for us all to step into the Next Level Living where our BEST LIFE is Actualized!

To the right, is a video message encouraging us all to enter the year 2021 with hope, love, peace, and kindness towards one another. Let’s continue to embrace that sentiment as we progress through any decade of our life’s journey! Selah and Shalom

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Let us begin a worldwide revolution of gratitude and thankfulness!

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About Me

I truly desire everyone to reach their desired life’s purpose. This sometimes happens by chance but most of the time it is through pure grit and determination. So, on this life’s journey, I hope to encourage, inspire, educate, and bring some good news into your life. Miriam means BitterSweet and I truly identify with the bitter and the sweet that I have found along my way of living here on this planet. Hopefully, we can share some wisdom of how we made it through the rough times to enjoy the joyful moments one with another. I am excited to learn more about you and your story. So, come and let’s have a dialogue one with another! Peace P.S. To learn more about me just click on the following link Read more

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15 thoughts on “NOW Speaks!

  1. Awesome sight loving the transparency as well as the scriptures. Proverbs 3:5-8 has been on my heart recently as I am learning what it means to trust in the Lord and allow him to guide my every move.

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  2. I love the new look of the website! And the content is very necessary for the times. We need to be uplifted and supported and the Thankful Revolution is the place for just that!

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  3. Hello Miriam! I want to thank you for inviting me so visit your webpage. After reading the portion of your story regarding highlights from the challenges you endured in 2008, reminded me of those same
    Feelings that I had, and still often have sometimes. I do firmly believe that being thankful is a crucial form of spiritual warfare. I do often wonder, just how much more God can do in my life if I truly believe that He is in control. I am looking to continue to follow up here and stay connected, and I am hoping to be a part of the N.O.W movement and stay more engaged daily. I’m very excited to learn more, and to share what God has helped me to overcome as well.

    Again, thank you for inviting me to your site!

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    1. Hopeful58 I want to thank you for sharing your candid thoughts. Yes, it is sometimes a great challenge to TRUST God in all things, but that is what we are commanded to do so that we can fully realize how great God is 🙂 I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts along this journey we call life. Blessings to you always! Peace 🙂


  4. CPR is needed for our Code Blue Humanity Alert! CrisisPivotRebirth #NOWSpeaksConversations #AbigailfromthePittstothePalace coming soon from


  5. Enjoyed the podcast Keep praying, Keep pushing and moving forward and May the Lord continue to elevate you.


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