Stand, Sing, & Salute

Our history is not confine to one race of people, but is a collaboration of what we have contributed for all mankind to thrive. Whether recognized as Black History Month, African American Heritage Celebration, or People of Color Celebration; we are strong, resilient, and resistant against all odds WE PREVAIL and Soar to continue. We fight for our rights and ultimately human rights. Such a shame that in society there are some who regulate honor civility, and equity solely based on the color of skin. What we know is God is not a respecter of persons and our promise is if God is for us WHO or WHAT can be against us. So, hold our heads high and let us sing a song of victory. Stand up, Sing, and Salute because in one voice we lift up to bring a harmoniously, glorious, and long-suffering tribute. We are Black and We are Proud! We are Valued and We are Part of God’s Majestic Handiwork. Amen Indeed!