The Thankful Revolution’s Influence and Message…Let Your Voice Be Heard!


what are you thankful for                                                                                                                                    

How has The Thankful Revolution Impacted the lives of others?


The word of God tells us that we are to renew our mind with the word.  We are also to encourage one another in the word and with the word of the Lord.  What Miriam is doing with the wonderful work at Thankful revolution is reminding us all to be thankful first and foremost, but there is always an uplifting and encouraging word to be found.  Having known Ms. Stevens for many years I have seen her in the ups and downs that life hands us all, but she has never wavered in her faith.  She is always encouraged and encouraging to others.  The impact of The Thankful Revolution in my life and in the lives of others has been a positive reinforcement of the goodness and love of God and God’s people.  It also stretches us and challenges us to grow in HIM so that we can impact out communities and the world beyond our own small circles.I thank God for Miriam and her obedience to doing what God has given her to do and I am honored to be able to turn to The Thankful revolutions for a dose of God’s goodness, direction, and instruction.  Be Blessed. ~Alissa Hendry

William Jackson with Hat

In Psalm 139:8-11, David enjoys periods of success, good merits, failures, shortcomings and the consequences of his actions. There were times of  joy, exuberance, and enthusiasm. Moments of sorrow, of depression, as well as, uncertainties. However, in verses 13  and 14, He acknowledges that God used the good, the bad, the high points, and the low times to develop him. In retrospect, we all know that he became one of the greatest kings in Bible history. Anyone that counted on our failure should get a refund because they became the keys to our success. Never judge a chapter until it’s completely written, and remember there’s still ink in the pen and the pen is in the hand of God. Miriam. I am so grateful for your resiliency and Thankful that through it all we are fearfully and wonderfully made. ~ William “Buddy” Jackson

Shared 10/31/21 From Dr. Ericka Ward, CEO of Divine Concept Group, Inc.

The Thankful Revolution Partner who created the new January 2022 Logo

New The Thankful Revolution Logo as of January 30, 2022
“I am looking to continue to follow up here and stay connected, and I am hoping to be a part of the N.O.W movement and stay more engaged daily. I’m very excited to learn more, and to share what God has helped me to overcome as well.”

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