MultiMedia Capstone – NMJMA Project

Multimedia platforms were used to convey information about the Capstone Thesis Project.  Quickly using the power of video became integral for announcing progress from inception to completion.

Let’s see how it all started…


YouTube Video By The Thankful Revolution and MsStevensPR
February 2012 Stay Tuned for more on Miriam Stevens Thesis .mov

In conjunction with completion and acquiring my New Media Journalism Master of Arts Degree from Full Sail University, I explored Black TV Programming asking the question is the Internet accessibility providing a game-changing platform for diverse content creation and viewing.

As the Project Manager of this Capstone Thesis Project, I uncovered great insight by conducting research using interviews, surveys, polls, and much, much more.  Below showcases an infomercial wetting the appetite for my viewers announcing the first interview conducted in completion of my NMJMA Capstone Thesis.

YouTube Video By The Thankful Revolution / MsStevensPR
Infomercial from Miriam Stevens about a Troy DeVolld Thesis interview

Please review the PDF to see the soft launch MultiMedia portion of the Capstone Project.

Use_What_is_the_current_state_of_black_TV_programming.docx (1)black tv programming images from Google

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