From the PITTS to the Palace

Have you ever had to deal with an emergency situation that you didn’t cause but could become the death of you? Say you are driving and notice someone heading towards you distracted due to being on their cellphone. You are about to be in a headon collision that could result in the death of you and everyone in your vehicle – your children, your friends, your co-workers. All this because someone is foolish enough to not pay attention to the warnings and adhere to common courtesy of the environment they are existing. Well, Abigail had a similar situation where her husband created a mess that could result in a slaughter of everyone in her household because he was not courteous to abide by the understood laws and custom of his land and environment. He acted recklessley and didn’t care how his actions would impact the lives around him. So, the emergency call was made and Abigail answered the line. It was truly a Code Blue situation where C.P.R. was the necessary remedy. Let’s explore more how Abigail answered the charge and hence went from the PITTS to the Palace!