Myrrhism Message Thirty Two: It Starts With Me Inspirational Message

Humanity is at risk if we all don't start to become accountable one to another. It is our responsibility to be good stewards of this earthly realm. We must all do a true introspection of our heart to identify any vexing position that would impede the kind of actionable love that God requires...that being Agape.

Myrrhism Message Thirty One: Walk in My Shoes & Wash My Feet

Do I really walk in other shoes? Would I really wash your feet? Today my heart is broken. Today my pride is crushed. Today my mind is numb. Today my life is at the alter. Today I rededicate my efforts. Today I redefine my motives. Today I weep repenting. Today I acknowledge my lack. Today I pursue your righteousness Lord. Today I realize I am wrong. Today my faith does not waiver but is stretched further. Today I kneel before your throne. To accept that I am not acting in the more loving way and not thinking in a humble manner towards all mankind regardless of their background, station in life, posture, purpose, or placement before me is the challenge that I must accept and personal action to change daily within my heart.

Calling Everyone: “Take Action, Influence Now, & Deny Complacency!”

Miriam Smith Stevens The Brand Paramedic & Creator of The Thankful Revolution is calling all to join the movement to make a difference in a positive manner. There are many ways that you can make a difference. It doesn't have to be an enormous action. Take small steps. Do you know your neighbors? Have you … Continue reading Calling Everyone: “Take Action, Influence Now, & Deny Complacency!”

Myrrhism Message Thirty – Call to Action: Wake Up & Change!

Hear the trumpet's clarion call that has sounded throughout all nations to WAKE UP N.O.W. = New-Beginnings is our Witness! Requiem: Please take a moment to listen to the entire message to wake up and actively's time for humanity to receive the word of truth, repent for wronging doings, react to complacency, reclaim righteousness, … Continue reading Myrrhism Message Thirty – Call to Action: Wake Up & Change!

Myrrhism Message Twenty Nine: Revisited- BitterSweet by Miriam S. Stevens

There is an upheaval in our world with the current eye-opening video of a man being murdered by a law enforcement officer and his fellow policemen just stood by without aid to save that man's life. The gasps of unbelief across this world that rampantly moved from one heart to another is the reason why … Continue reading Myrrhism Message Twenty Nine: Revisited- BitterSweet by Miriam S. Stevens

Myrrishm Message Twenty Eight Visceral

Please review a previous message that is relative to this weeks past actions for many folks have been victimized - including myself - yet out of that horrific encounter, I know a victory testimony has occurred. So please read/digest/absorb the message From Victim to Survivor to Victor. My dear friend Minister Felicia Lynell Fortune … Continue reading Myrrishm Message Twenty Eight Visceral

Myrrhism Message Twenty Seven – Are you a 1 Talent Person?

First, I want to salute all of our Armed Services Personnel, those who have served, currently serving, or have passed on and are now R.I.H. We thank you for protecting our freedoms and honor you during this Memorial Weekend observance. Freedom is a privilege and a right that we all can take part of especially … Continue reading Myrrhism Message Twenty Seven – Are you a 1 Talent Person?

From Rape to Reap…the Paradigm shift of my life’s events.

Life as I knew it would never be the same. I could no longer remain comfortable, complacent, or with a cushion...."When that intruder invaded my world, everything of comfort, complacency, and cushion was destroyed. I no longer felt that there was a place of peace for me to exists within myself or in my literal surroundings. I could not remain comfortable because of anxiety, fear, and the constant harassment that I dealt with in my mind. I knew that I had to get it together and be strong or at least appear that I was a faithful Christian woman who trust God, but I had loss that fortitude."