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By Miriam S. Stevens
October 21, 2017

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven…a time to be silent and a time to speak,” (Ecclesiastes 3:1,7).

I’ve grown up slowly at times but now it seems that life is passing me by and I just don’t know how to slow the passage of time. Time can play an awful trick on unsuspecting victims. It has on me. I don’t seem to be able to grasp any meaning to the question “why”. Why do we grow up and find out that all of our dreams and all of our wishes upon the first star seen are wasted efforts lost in the passage of time. Why do the people we hold dear in our hearts turn out to be monsters who always let us down painfully? Oh so painfully does our heart throb almost with a shattering beat. The memories we have are phases of happy and sad times. But all too often memories of tears overshadow those of smiles. And now all of my smiles have turned into upside-down wrinkles resembling blue frowns. There has to be an answer to my profound question. Somehow and some where I will find the solution I’ve been aching to know. I know that my creator has not left me here to be brought up in oblivion. The answer I need all lie in His hand. There’s hope if I just believe in miracles and if I just believe in moving mountains with the faith of a mustard seed. One day, no, this day I’ll turn the gloom that has been lurking in my life away and I will send all of my blues to a deep dark isolated pit so they won’t torment me or any other person again. This day in time will be fruitful and my profit will be a tissue to wipe away all of my tears.


Miriam a.k.a. Essence of Myrrh

written in my youth

retyped July 11, 2005 at 6:31 p.m.


This perplexes many. And the characteristic comes in many forms:

Spiritual. Faith-building. Dynamic. Experimental. Exploratory. Entrepreneurial. Intimidating. Elevational. Constant. Inevitable. Ground-breaking. Life-altering. Stressful. Peaceful. Unknown. Unifying. Divisional. Mystifying. Ethereal. Mind-blowing. Precise. Navigational. Seasonal. Measurable. Infinite. Eternal. God’s handiwork. Pre-ordained…

It is true that with the passage of time, new seasons of a person’s life is revealed. I know in my youth there were tumultuous experiences where the metamorphosis from adolescence to maturity incurred grave expenses. Loss of innocence. Backstabbing cliques. Excommunications from status quo. Disappointing engagements. However, with the pain came some wonderful encounters. Acceptance into a desired club. Achievement on a project. Acquisition of independence such as that first paycheck and becoming a licensed driver.

Yes, timing is a constant part of life…whether you have good timing or bad timing shows with the results of the interactions. If one’s timing is on point, then they are in the pocket as a rhythmic percussionists or vocalist. If one’s timing is not accurate, an entire science experiment can explode or the baton passing on a track relay can become a display of inept exchanges.

So, timing is important. A key that is revealed through the ages is how wisdom becomes the thread that ties a well laid plan into motion and thus accentuates the right timing for that revelation. Wisdom is an acquired taste that is forged through challenges mixed with trials and errors. The beauty of timing is that it is always evolving and that dynamic event brings excitement into a humdrum existence.

Counsel aids when seeking the appropriate timing to take a risk. Wisdom happens when counsel is sought. The ultimate decisions are kept by the owner of the dream. Timing is a vital component of a person’s quest for self-fulfillment. Timing sometimes yields to anxiety. Timing often reveals the timid. Timing brings forth masterpieces. Timing alters destinies. Timing is inevitable when broached by every societies foundational fabric. Timing is eternal.

Timing takes patience. Timing tests resolve. Timing explores faith. Timing molds character. Timing unveils identities. Timing intersects righteousness and sin. The essence of a person’s demeanor is known through the passage of time. The posture one presents from the onset of a scenario until the ending of that transaction allows a view into the person’s innermost beliefs. Thus, timing displays that person’s truth.

Consider your surroundings, then calculate the timing for your move, is it now or later? Sometimes that choice is halted by a wrench in the timing and the unexpected snags a vision. Therefore, now it the moment of your life to proceed with your internal motivations and grip the fortitude necessary to live your life in the best possible manner.

Is it? Will it be? Perhaps? Oh, well, just take that step into the deep and recognize your timing to succeed has knocked on your door. Open-up and enjoy the richness of your view.

Selah and Shalom
time and season ecc three verse 1Seasonal Points to Ponder when considering Timing…

 Remember who, and what place God is and has in our lives, and that He loves and cares about us and our families!

 Remember that He is in control of all things especially, as we yield our all to Him!

 Rejoice in the good and what we perceive is bad, for ultimately there is His reason for it all!

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Miriam S. Stevens aka "The Brand Paramedic", is an online social multimedia network strategist. She works with entrepreneurs, special interest groups, and non-profits to develop a social media campaign, marketing strategy, and customer engagement blueprint. She offers this three-prong approach to successfully connect business brands with their clientele. As the creator of MsStevensPR.Com, Miriam encourages productive, one-to-one focus meetings to pinpoint a company’s vision, research their targeted audience, and develop the right implementation plan.

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