What is your favorite? (Diversity Web Series Programming)

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As I am exploring the Internet, I looked back on my thesis topic exploring if Black TV Programming that is produced from the Internet provides opportunities for diverse content to become viewable and profitable.  I say yes.  What is even more impressive that throughout the years how the standard classic television programs that featured entertainers of color is still on top of the charts for favorite shows in diverse communities.  Here is a link that provides the ranking of favorite television shows that highlight diverse cast and content.  Enjoy and do support content that promotes opportunities where everyone in the human community can be represented.  URL Link:  TV Shows Most Loved by African-Americans

web serie photoAlso, if you are exploring what are the current options for television viewing that appeals to persons of color,  do check out some of these programs:  The Best Current Black TV Shows  .  In addition to having more content available to enjoy from the major television networks and cable, Internet content is a welcomed alternative for those who welcome opportunities to reduce your cable bill fees.  Check out the following to learn more:

  1. 10 Smart Black Web Series That Will Make You Cancel Your Cable
  2. Televisual Black Web Series Updates
  3. FATDIVE Entertainment
  4. Eight web series starring people of color that you should be watching
  5.  The Impact Network
  6. 11 Web Series You Should Be Watching
  7. 10 Awesome Web Series Created By Black Artist
  8. 10 Black YouTube Series That You Should Binge-Watch This Weekend
  9. http://www.blackwebseries.com/
  10. Rise of Web Series for the Indian Market
  11. To Learn more about Diversity Content in Entertainment Review this link
  12. Festivals that honor diversity web content:  ABFF and others like those shown in the below picture:

    picture of black film festivals

  13. 7 Dope Webseries to dive into before the new year (2017)
  14. 5 web series to look out for in 2017
  16. Additional opportunities that show excellence for Internet Web Content is highlighted through The Webby Awards

The Internet is definitely providing black tv programming is the internet filling the void image capstoneopportunities for people of color to launch their business, monetize their passion, and create avenues where diversity content can be appreciated and not stifled.  Take the time to view the Capstone that launched this exploration into the subject of Black TV Programming and how the Internet is filling the void.


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