Thankful Revolution Reboot

Starting from scratch is not so bad.

Hi Everyone:

The good news is that The Thankful Revolution is back. The other news is that what was previously built is ALL GONE! Not a thing left, so I have to rebuild.

The news of all of my previous work, effort, and information has been deleted into the void of nothingness is a hard pill to swallow but one that has to be accepted. With that in mind, the opportunity to come back stronger with infinite possibilities of how is fantastic. The new theme that I have embraced is as follows:

Shift your paradigm, focus your vision, and witness your purpose.

How appropriate that for me to begin this New Life experience I have to begin with a blank canvass void of all other influences, information, and intentions. I am as you will realize and as I have accepted, embracing the concept that with devastation comes rebirth. A phenomenon called life comes out of a void such as what our Father did in Genesis. He started from scratch and now look at all of the magnificence that came out of nothingness.

I am extremely excited to see where this leg of my journey takes me and you. So, let the N.O.W. moments commence:

N.O.W. = New-Beginnings is our Witness