Thankful Revolution Reboot

life and life more abundant image

A New Beginning is inevitable…

So, there may have been a few bumps in the road and holes that got you sidetracked – I understand about that dilemma.  I am respectful of life’s setbacks and the adversities we face but more importantly my focus is on the breakthroughs.  I know that in all of my doings and goings there is a force that would have me crippled and stagnant.  I choose not to obey that directive and carve out the productive path that leads me to positive, joyful, and fulfilling victories.  The steps on this pathway is wrought with barriers and innuendos that if I indulge would have me going in circles nowhere.  This loop of fear often captures generations so that their intended destinies are thwarted.  This cycle has been broken in my life and for my future generations.  Have you decided to break those chains of “if only and I wish I had” for you and your future generations?

So, my specific intention now is to live, thrive, grow, produce, and impact change for all.  It starts with me and my sphere of influence.  So, rebooting The Thankful Revolution is step one.  Thank you for taking the journey with me and allowing our paths to cross.  We will enjoy all that is now and future.  We will learn from past yet not dwell and dwindle on the negative impacts that mistakes, mishaps, and mirey milestones of our former life bestowed. bondage breaking prayer

This time we will focus on new beginnings not maligning how small the steps or progress, we will just be grateful for each forward movement to our goal accomplishments.  Hence, in all things we will give thanks!  Let us pray so that this day we reside in the redemptive power of God’s grace, mery, power, forgiveness, and resurrective anointing that Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior provides!  Amen Indeed.

Love, Peace, Blessings, and Thankfulness we stamp now and forevermore.  Selah and Shalom ~ Miriam a.k.a Essence of Myrrh

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