Myrrhism Message Twenty Three – Flawed AND Freed

Yes, I am flawed.  Yes, I am freed.  Yes, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  Yes, I have received redemption from God the Father who because of Jesus who died and rose again is our deliverer from sin, death, and hell.Image result for flawed but free scripture

So, I am continuing enjoying grace, mercy, and ridiculous favor that Jesus Christ our Redeemer has afforded us now so that we can live life eternally.Related image

This journey does present us with challenges that brings to the surface all of the flaws that we have because yes all have sinned and come short of the glory of the Lord.  We all have issues so don’t fret and try to hide from the fact that we are flawed humans that is covered by Jesus sacrifice so that we are now able to be freed.

We are saved by grace and this is beautiful.  God loves us regardless of our failures.  Never get to the point that you think you are unworthy of God’s love.  That is a lie and trick from Satan.  Just know that nothing can separate us from the love of the Lord.  We are His handiwork and His masterpiece.  God has set before us a plan to enjoy peace, joy, love, prosperity, and a future full of hope.

jeremiah 29 v11

Yes, we need to be mindful that to continue in behaviors that are destructive, demoralizing, and demeaning is counterproductive to enjoying a fully blissful life of abundance that God desires for us all.  Therefore, even though we commit errors and fall down sometimes, make sure to not wallow in the mistake and bury your life into a constant pit of gloom and doom.  God desires that we receive liberty to live this life abundantly.

Image result for free by christ scripture

How can we live without the shackles of sin weighing us down?


Related imageJesus is the only way to complete adjudication where our sins become completely washed away.  When we say Yes to Jesus we are saying Yes to God’s plan on how we can enjoy a new life, new birth, and salvation.

It is okay to realize that we can be flawed…but also accept Jesus so that ultimately we can enjoy eternally being freed.


Selah, Shalom, and Amen Indeed!

The Thankful Revolution rejoices with you and looks forward to continuing to encourage, edify, educate, and inspire as we traverse along our life’s pathway and choices.  Enjoy the journey!

trust God proverbs 3

Continue to stay tuned for more on the meaning of LIFE as we explore Biblical Truths one word at a time, one scripture at a time, one moment in time, …let’s eat that daily bread! Selah, Shalom, Amen Indeed ❤ Miriam a.k.a. Essence of Myrrh Proverbs 3:5-6  Subscribe, Bookmark, Save, Share, Comment, Like, and Enjoy how N.O.W. = New-Beginnings is our Witness can be yours today through one daily Myrrhism Word/Message at a time. 

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