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Thank you Lord for who you are and that you have never given up on me!
Trauma, Tragedy, Traps…NOW TRUTH! From R.A.P.E. to R.E.A.P
Originally .Posted: 20 Jun 2013 04:49 AM PDT Reposted multiple times….
It is truly time for our own Paradigm Shift where we can break through, break out, break up, and break into our covenant promise. So, I provide an excerpt of a message birthed from my own personal pain when I had to become resuscitated back to life. We all deserve to get to the other side of chaos and we can get there with God’s leading, Isn’t it about time to finally get through and break through any and every barrier and hindrance to your personal freedoms? I know it is for me so I like to offer some helpful words of wisdom that I have found in my personal journey to “getting through and overcoming”. Below will be a small passage from the message God embedded in my heart and I offer it to you as a nugget of God and inspiration for your personal movement to now BE WHOLE. Love you always and Shalom, Miriam Take a journey with me and become empowered with keys on how you can Reposition your Life’s Events – from R.A.P.E. to R.E.A.P. by Miriam S Stevens

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