Part 4 Abigail’s Story: How to change the narrative of your story with only a few seconds?

What does it mean to change the narrative of your story?

Ask yourself with only a few seconds to work with, would you M.O.V.E. if your life was on the line or your team’s football season could end?

From a Psychology Today online article, “How to Rewrite Your Past Narrative” dated July 26, 2019, by Benjamin Hardy Ph.D. some of the following key points were explained:

According to the Theory of Narrative Identity, developed by scholar and researcher Dr. Dan McAdams, we form our identity by integrating our life experiences into an internalized, evolving story of ourselves, which gives a sense of unity and purpose to our lives. The author further elaborates,” When you change the meaning and narrative of your past, you simultaneously change the narrative of your present and future. And vice versa. Changing the narrative of your present and future simultaneously alters the meaning or narrative of your past. The story we hold of ourselves is continually evolving and changing based on the experiences we are having.”


Let’s set the story by giving a contemporary football example that recently played out for all to witness this past Sunday in the Divisional Round Play-off Game with the-Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs home stadium Arrowhead on Sunday, January 23rd, 2022.

This example is of how the narrative of The Chief’s story was changed during the Playoff Game between the Bills and The Chiefs. It happened with only 13 seconds in the 4th quarter remaining where the Bills had a 3-point lead over the Chiefs. 

The Chiefs season for this year in all accounts by every onlooker was over.  The sports announcers were applauding how the opposing team under the Quarterback leadership of Josh Allen finally overcame the stigma of not winning against the Chiefs and would be moving on in their season to play for the championship in hopes to reach the Super Bowl.

Below YouTube Video is Patrick Mahomes in his words describing how the just M.O.V.E. principle that will be explained later in this post was how they overcame the odds with only 13 seconds to secure an opportunity that resulted in an Overtime game-winning touchdown for the Chiefs.

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes speaks after INSANE win over Bills | CBS Sports HQ YouTube Video posted by CBS Sports HQ
CBS Sports HQ on Jan 23, 2022

So, what do the Chiefs team do?

How does the coaching staff respond when fans were leaving disappointed that the Chief’s season was over with a loss to the Bills at their own Arrowhead stadium? Chief supporters who were watching by television and/or online devices had turned off in defeat.

How do Patrick Mahomes and the other players on the field answer the call with only 13 seconds left to determine your football season – will it end today or continue to fight another game?

Well, with only 2 plays in 10 seconds, Patrick Mahomes led his team downfield to reach an attainable distance where his kicker had a chance to tie the game if he made a field goal. His kicker did and hence the coin toss would determine which team would have the opportunity first to score in overtime. The Chiefs won the coin toss and in a few simple plays, Patrick threw the winning touchdown pass that secured the win.

So, with only 13 seconds left; the narrative for both teams was changed on that day.  Around the league and in history this game and those 13 seconds will be remembered for years to come.

Similarly, Abigail in her dilemma only had a few seconds to determine the outcome of her story, those in her residence who work for her husband Nabal. What does she do to change the narrative of her story? How does she remain cool, calm, and collected under dire circumstances? Will her fate be one of ruin or rise to victory with just a short seemingly pre-determined destiny knocking at her door?

When one delves into the storyline in 1 Samuel Chapter 25 it is apparent that Abigail didn’t miss a beat to addressing the crisis challenge head-on without flinching or flailing.  Let’s read what happened and how Abigail addressed the challenge without missing a beat.

1 Samuel 25:14-19 The Message Version

 Meanwhile, one of the young shepherds told Abigail, Nabal’s wife, what had happened: “David sent messengers from the backcountry to salute our master, but he tore into them with insults. Yet these men treated us very well. They took nothing from us and didn’t take advantage of us all the time we were in the fields. They formed a wall around us, protecting us day and night all the time we were out tending the sheep. Do something quickly because big trouble is ahead for our master and all of us. Nobody can talk to him. He’s impossible—a real brute!”

18-19 Abigail flew into action. She took two hundred loaves of bread, two skins of wine, five sheep dressed out and ready for cooking, a bushel of roasted grain, a hundred raisin cakes, and two hundred fig cakes, and she had it all loaded on some donkeys. Then she said to her young servants, “Go ahead and pave the way for me. I’m right behind you.” But she said nothing to her husband Nabal.                                                             


1 Samuel 25:14-19 The Voice Version

14 One of Nabal’s servants recognized his master’s insolence and told Abigail, Nabal’s wife, what was happening.

Servant: David sent messengers from the wilderness to salute our master, and Nabal returned their honor with insults. 15 David’s men have been very good to us. Nothing happened to us while we were with his company, and we never lost a single sheep in the fields in the time we were there. 16 They were like a wall protecting us day and night the whole time we were near them keeping the sheep.

17 You should know this and think about what to do next. Evil is coming to my master and his entire household if you don’t do something. Nabal is so worthless that no one can talk to him.

18 Then Abigail, knowing the stakes, rushed about gathering gifts similar to what her husband should have offered: 200 loaves, 2 jugs of wine, 5 sheep (butchered and dressed), more than 50 quarts of roasted grain, 100 clusters of raisins, and 200 fig cakes. She had these loaded on donkeys.

Abigail (to her servants): 19 Go ahead of me with all the gifts. I’ll be right behind you.

But she never stopped to speak to her husband Nabal. She had decided to approach David herself.


1 Samuel 25:14-19 The Jubilee Version 2000

14 And one of the servants told Abigail, Nabal’s wife, saying, Behold, David sent messengers out of the wilderness to bless our master, and he railed on them.

15 But the men were very good unto us and never hurt us, neither did we miss anything all the time that we have been conversant with them when we were in the fields.

16 They were a wall unto us both by night and day all the time that we were feeding the sheep with them.

17 Now, therefore, know and consider what thou must do, for evil is determined against our master and against all his household, for he is such a son of Belial that no one can speak to him.

18 Then Abigail made haste and took two hundred loaves and two bottles of wine and five sheep ready dressed and five measures of parched flour and one hundred bunches of raisins and two hundred cakes of figs and laid them on asses.

19 And she said unto her servants, Go on before me; behold, I come after you. But she told nothing to her husband Nabal.


So, with only a few seconds, could you change the narrative of your story to be favorable?

Abigail knew the stakes, flew into action, rushed about, made haste.

In all of these versions, you see a crossroad where an individual had to keep about their wits and make a prompt decision on how to move forward. She not only acted in a speedy manner, but her actions were also precise, intentional, and crafted to elicit a favorable outcome.  Well, she hoped the outcome would lead to a victorious one without a slaughter at the hands of David against her and all in her household.

It appeared, like Abigail, Patrick Mahomes took stock at what he faced during that playoff game. He knew how the initial season began for him and the Chiefs.  The odds were highly stacked against them to come out as victors. There were naysayers and haters circumspectly slinging mud at how the Chiefs had not started off their season looking like a championship team.  The commentary was that Patrick Mahomes was impatient, not able to put plays together to get the wins this year.  Well, if Patrick and the team had dwelled upon their past mistakes, they would not be able to meet the challenge of a current do-or-die scenario.  The crossroad of life (football season life) was at hand with either getting the score to tie and/or win the game OR not score with the Bills coming out as the victors. 

The Chiefs changed the narrative, like Abigail, in a few quick seconds knowing what was at stake, made haste, quickly got plays done, and flew into action where a field goal was completed that breathed life into what was originally planned to be their demise.

I would offer when placed in a seemingly doomed scenario; it is imperative to keep your peace and rely on The Holy Spirit to guide you.  I know personally, when I was faced with a life and death situation, I only had a few seconds to gauge what actions and strategies I could take in order to get out with my life spared. 

There will be opportunities for us to see what kind of stuff we are made of when faced with similar challenges.  The question we must ask now is are we prepared to M.O.V.E.?

To listen to this and the other Abigail Story’s associated podcasts click here on the below player:

Abigail's Story 1 From the PITTS to the Palace Presented by The Thankful Revolution The Thankful Revolution: C.P.R. + N.O.W.

This episode is also available as a blog post: 911 What’s your emergency? We are in a Code Blue situation – Abigail and all of her household is about to be slaughtered because of her husband Nabal’s foolishness! This message will share lesson One in some of what I have acquired from my study about Abigail who is a person that encountered a Cold Blue scenario which required C.P.R. intervention. Abigail exuded wisdom, courage, and tact when she encountered her 911 Code Blue situation that required C.P.R. Thank you for spending some time visiting The Thankful Revolution. Please come again soon. Also, don't forget to join/sign up to learn more about our N.O.W. Speaks Conversations. Time to start launching the N.O.W. Speaks Conversations even if don’t have all the equipment and technical knowledge; not moving forward is NOT an Option. Please take a moment to invite someone else to our next N.O.W. Speaks Conversations and Subscribe, Like, Share, Bookmark, and Comment on our Social Media Platforms. Just click on the links below. The Thankful Revolution (Website)    YouTube   Facebook  LinkedIn   MsStevensPR Twitter  EssenceofMyrrh Twitter  Instagram   The Thankful Revolution and Todah Praise Channel Facebook
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Podcast on Abigail’s Story What do you do when you only have a few seconds to change the narrative of your story?
Part 4 Abigail’s Story: How to change the narrative of your story with only a few seconds?

M = Make a decision quickly

O = Organize your thoughts calmly

V = Vie for the favorable Vision you want as your outcome

E = Enable Success

I suggest the above word to just M.O.V.E. can position you and me into a place where the narrative of our story can change.

We cannot let Fear or our Past Defeats dictate our present or future outcomes. We must Make a decision quickly when a challenge is before us to do something.  Like Patrick Mahomes, Abigail did not delay her response when the gauntlet was thrown at her to do something. She was equipped with the knowledge, resources, and character to get the job done. That job in both cases was to secure a victory for their team (The Chief’s and Abigail’s household). It is not just necessary to get up and do something; it is mandatory that the effort is made with a calmly thought-out plan of action.

Commitment to an action without a strategy or plan of attack is futile.  Therefore, go into the crisis intervention with an organized thought. Remain calm, cool, and collected so that you can catch the best possible scenario on how to move forward. The strategy will be revealed when you walk in peace regardless of the chaos in your environment. If you have prepared in advance, you can meet that challenge. It is when you are thrown a curveball that gets you off-kilter that your life can become disheveled. The key principle in both Abigail and Patrick’s success is that they were prepared with a plan.

Both Patrick and Abigail went into their process deliberately putting the pieces of the strategy into action. It was a method to their madness 😊 and they were laser-focused on what had to happen. Both of these leaders directed their supporting cast into positions of intentional purpose. Patrick and Abigail provided instructions to their team members on how to conduct themselves in the sticky situation with the confidence, wit, poise, and authority that their words would influence the outcome of destiny. 

They had to be sharp, concise, confident, and collected because there were only a few seconds available.

Changing the narrative of your story happens not only because you move and organize but also because you vie for your vision that enables a successful victory.

When you vie for your vision, you fight for that which you see that is your destiny.  If you have a mindset that you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you, then you can. If you know with Faith All things are possible to them who believe, then you will obtain the impossible. If you do not back down from your purpose and remain solid in your footing, you can go through valleys and mountains. You have what it takes within you to envision the provisions which lead to a manifested reality.  Abigail had all that she needed to change the course of her household’s destiny at her grasp.  She was able to provide the food, drinks, and offerings to David.  Those provisions made were acceptable and aided in a course correction on David’s part. Patrick had a team full of members who were equipped with the training, play knowledge, and ability to meet the challenge of the moment. The provisions had been prepared in advance and all that was needed was an opportunity to display their prowess to pivot in a crisis.  

The challenge was accepted, and they (Abigail & Patrick Mahomes) both vied for their vision to come to past in their favor!

How can one enable success? Enable means you give and have the authority to do something. Additional definitions of enable means to activate and get operational.  Again, I am reminded of the popular meme and social media phenomenon that came from a famous game show, “Holy Spirit Activate!”

I know forward & progressive movement is key, to enabling your faith to believe in the desired outcome.  There are daily affirmations people profess. There are motivational speeches to get the drive for success sparked. There are many ways, methods, and actions one can go about to reach their desired outcome; but in all of these methodologies one thing is constant – enable success. Put in action the desired outcome!

Success, victory, desired outcomes don’t come with no effort, no action, no consistency, and persistence. There must be action behind the thoughts for a narrative ending to occur in your favor. Forward, progressive, right into the line of fire pathway must be traveled in order to get to the end goal. Thus, Abigail and Patrick Mahomes, both put forth the action needed for an unexpected to some but “Hoped For” ending for them to have happened. They both actively pursued with purpose movement and met the challenge head-on. They faced the fears, snuffed out the nerves, quieted the inner naysayer voice, and went for it in confidence knowing that this is “do or die” but regardless I will make a move! They made their moves and enabled success because in the face of a challenge they did not accept defeat; they welcomed the ability to be a witness for an impossibility to become a manifested visible reality for all to witness. They both had a C.P.R. + N.O.W. moment!

Therefore, if we are faced with the odds stacked against us, I offer a key to just M.O.V.E. into your destiny and victory!

Additional resources that can help you change your personal story’s narrative are provided below.

To get more insight and obtain some additional keys on how to rewrite your personal story, coaching online provides 11 steps that can ignite your action plan for success. Link:   The 11 Keys discussed in this article are shown below:

1. Challenge the Negativity Bias in Your Current Life Story

2. Set Yourself as the Creator

3. Rewrite the Origin Story to Reshape Your Life

4. Set a New Theme

5. End Chapters You Don’t Need

6. Eliminate the Illusion of “a Concrete You”

7. Establish Ways to Defeat Your Villain

8. Shift Your Location

9. Acquire New Skills

10. Get a Better Supporting Cast

11. Change Your Personal Narrative Through Practice

As we continue to explore life lessons at The Thankful Revolution, we would be remiss if not offering the greatest gift that can impact your earthly and heavenly life.

If you don’t know about Christ or why I subscribe to faith in Christ as my Lord and Savior then I will extend the offer for you to get to know Him for yourself. It is your choice. You will answer one way or the other for the choice you make here on earth – as we all will. So, the following information provides just a few suggestions, scriptures, and a prayer to help you move into a closer realm of understanding of what Christ is all about and can be about for you.

C.P.R. -> Crisis Pivot Rebirth 

(N.O.W. = New-Beginnings is our Witness)

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John 10:10 King James Version
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NOW Speaks!

When you only have a few seconds & in a crisis situation; M.O.V.E!

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    Part 4: Abigail’s Story: How to change the narrative of your story with only a few seconds?

    Part 4 Abigail’s Story: How to change the narrative of your story with only a few seconds?


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