Myrrhism Message Twenty MOM

Image result for happy christian mother's dayMoms are the foundational structure and glue for civilizations.  Families are built upon the shoulders of supportive, wise and industrious mothers who bind the ties of solid, progressive societies into positive, productive, states.

Mountains are moved when a mother, grandmother, aunt, and the woman(women) of a family begin to pray.  Many obstacles are avoided due to the discernment dispensed from the wisdom she shares.  Honor is the most blessed gift that any mother deserves from everyone she influences; therefore, never withhold that blessing.

Blessed be the mothers who have birth us all into existence by God’s very design, architecture, and breath.  Mothers uphold the Christian principles passed on from generations to generations.  It is by God’s design that the matriarch is not only a support system but the integral figurehead of the family of faith (read more scripturally how Christian Mothers Matter).

So, Happy Mother’s Day!

  We love you MOM (Matriarchs our Memory-Makers).

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