Part 2 Abigail’s story P.R.A.A.Y.S. & Where are my receipts?

As I reflect on my personal life’s journey I have to be transparent with my own accomplishments. Have I written out my goals and made them plain? Have I actively pursued to be different or am I still “trying” to change? As I meditate on Abigail’s story I find a faith building message that speaks to me about the power of Prayer or one who “P.R.A.A.Y.S.” and I also find that evidence produces joy. The reality is that we can talk all day about what we hope for or want to do but until we actively decide to change and just “do something” nothing will happen but a whole bunch of talk. So, I challenge myself and you to show your evidence for the change and new-beginning you desire as a witness. And I ask again: “Where are my receipts?” Selah and Shalom