An early Monday Morning Prayer (Repost from 2010)

Date: Monday, April 26, 2010 1:35 AM
Subject: A prayer from my heart to yours!

My Dear Beloved,

I pray that you in your years to come will experience the love of
like no other love can ever give to you; I pray that you will be
completely and unashamedly fulfilled in and through your
with the Lord.  I pray that you will always be embraced by God’s
to comfort you in times of solitude and to bring joy to you when
feel your strength to endure is falling away.  May the Lord
continue to
increase your wisdom in Him and may you truly be blessed with ALL
Desires of your heart.  To know the love of someone who deeply
would do
any and everything for you is my hearts desire for you that He
you to realms that no other human experience can ever bring you.
you always seek Him for your life’s existence and purpose and I am
fully confident in that journey where truly your hungering and
thirsting after the Lord occurs; He will ultimately bring you to
with a peace that surpasses your own understanding of situations
and a
perfect love that cast far away any and every fear that may have
a dread to you before.  I desire to know the Lord more
and deeply and fully with no other love in my heart causing
distractions or interference.  I pray you too have that same sold
outness for our Father and that you never find yourself choosing
anything else above or beyond the Love of our Father.  May your
life be
a life of faithfulness and obedience.  Even when you encounter
temptations and hardships that simply leave you bewildered; may
have the presence of mind and choice to get yourself immersed in
Holy Word of the Bible so that you can find out what the Lord has
you out of the situation you face.  You are not alone and you will
never be alone for our Father does promise He never leaves nor
us.  I am excited that the Father provides all of your needs
to His riches in Heaven and you don’t have to hide your longings
longer because God is able to completely meet All of your heart’s
desires.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God’s very
hand for
such a time as this He has groomed you and continues to groom you
as a
king in this earth under His command to establish His Kingdom here
earth as it is in heaven.  May you never loose sight of your
and purpose on this earth to do whatever the Lord commands when He
commands and never be discouraged at the task given because God
already given all the resources and provision and wisdom necessary
you to carry it forth.  I am so glad that the Lord has promised
you have a future hoped for in Him of greatness and of prosperity
of spectacular tremendous grace, mercy and favor because He called
forth from the beginning of time when He called you forth and He
it is good. Never give up when it gets hard and you feel you are
only one making the stand even when those who seemingly say they
led by God’s word yet their behaviors are totally opposite of
commands…you don’t take your eyes off God’s promise and His
directives.  You must keep in your heart God’s word so you wont
against Him.  You must daily pray Lord create in me a clean heart
that I might not sin against you and Lord help me to be strong and
courageous so I will not get weary in well doing and realize by
faith walk I reap if I faint not.  With God all things are
possible and
nothing is impossible to them who believe that truth.  God never
nor changes His word for us so don’t you be fickle and change your
decisions and choices to fit an opinion or an impression when it’s
what God ordained and authorized for your life by His word.  May
continue to increase in the fruit of God’s spirit and flourish in
holiness.  May those who come into your presence and have the
to be a partaker in this journey of life with you continue to know
light and love of the Lord and of our Father that exudes from your
character, integrity and purpose.  Rejoice in the Lord always and
I say rejoice.  Meditate on the word day and night so that your
mind is
renewed by God’s word and His Rhema word becomes alive in you to
overflowing.  I pray the anointing of the Lord and His resident
Spirit will always be respected by you and that you listen having
ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to His Church His Sheep who
His voice the voice of the Good Shepherd.  May the eyes of your
understanding be open and never blinded to God’s way and will and
always choose what God permits you to walk in and may your final
be one of Greatness of that of a good steward who has been
obedient, following after God’s Holy Word only the word of His
and flowing and walking and yielding only to the Holy Spirit of
so that your final reward and destination be a Heavenly abode a
that our Father has prepared for you eternally.  This is my prayer
you and I am confident that my fervent prayer avail much and that
Lord answers my prayers because we walk together as one and so do
with Him – smile.  I love you and always will and know that this
is a
love only God placed in my heart to live and grow in and pursue to
be all glory and honor and power.

A humbled servant I remain~ Miriam aka Essence of Myrrh Proverbs
“More of Him in 2010 and beyond”
Be blessed to be a blessing for the establishment of His Kingdom
on earth to advance His message, purpose and fellowship as it is
heaven. Now and forevermore for all generations to come will we
His legacy of blood covenant blessings in the life  that we live.
God be all glory for every knee will bow and every tongue will
that Jesus Christ is Lord.  Selah

Now go on and be the light and salt of the earth that never looses
brightness or flavor.
Amen~ It is finished and it is so!

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Miriam S. Stevens aka "The Brand Paramedic", is an online social multimedia network strategist. She works with entrepreneurs, special interest groups, and non-profits to develop a social media campaign, marketing strategy, and customer engagement blueprint. She offers this three-prong approach to successfully connect business brands with their clientele. As the creator of MsStevensPR.Com, Miriam encourages productive, one-to-one focus meetings to pinpoint a company’s vision, research their targeted audience, and develop the right implementation plan.

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