Only 10 seconds left to breathe NOW What?

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As I lay on the ground with his hands around my neck, my last thought was, “I am going to die now!”

What could you accomplish with only 10 seconds of breath in your body?

Where do you think your mind would race to – what would you think?

Could you really do anything?

Would you feel hopeless? Would you feel resolved?

Would you be at peace?

Have YOU ever IMAGINED the last 10 seconds of your life here on earth what that would be like?

Well, it happened to me so here’s what I did and then I challenge you to really sort out your life now BEFORE your time is up!

I would remind you of my testimony – click here to review my personal testimonial account and to further learn “About Me”:

IMAGINE you have just experienced the most horrific, life altering, encounter in your life.  You thought this is it and you would not survive.  You struggled to breathe and then you didn’t.  You awoke to what you believed was the other side of earthly living into eternal residence – But you really didn’t.  The intruder is still there and you are faced with a decision to choose life or death.  You kick into your fight mode because you want to survive through the night.  This is the struggle you face.  Imagine you do make it through until dawn breaks but your world is shatterred.  You are paralyzed with fear.  You don’t know if you can move but you must because what if death comes back to finish you off for good this time.  Imagine this movie real looping in your mind day and night without ceasing….
This really happened to me but the Victory is Mine!  So, now I am empowered to alter the course of a doomed mentality to visualize a “can do” reality.  For, if I can YOU most definitely can and will.  Imagine if you stopped by this post today and said to yourself; I am more than a conqueror, I can do all things, I am valuable, I am worthy, I am not a mistake, I will achieve, and YES I CAN!  Let us begin today with that thought in mind and let our journey for NEW-Beginnings is OUR Witness start NOW!

So I previously shared in my ABOUT Me this part of my life and death journey that actually led me to creating The Thankful Revolution.

Basically, I DIED!

So, in the month of October years ago (Funny how October is the 10th month in the year) and the number 10 symbolizes God’s completed commandments in this earth for the faitful and obedient.

So, let me preface my encounter with only 10 seconds left to breathe that ealier in the week; I had attended a church service and at the altar I saw (not through a natural sighting but in my spirit) A Commanding Angel. And it was suited up with armor. Eventually, the Angel left the church alter and went somewhere.

Now, let’s fast forward to the moment my life was changed forever; the day I only had 10 seconds left to breathe and then I died.

My face is pushed to the ground with a violent perpectrator on top of me hands around my neck stifling my screams and depleting my breath. I thought, “So, I am going to die now!” and then nothingness. I was gone – so I thought. I could embellish and say I saw a light at the end of the dark tunnel BUT that didn’t happen to me.

What happen is after my physical body went limp and I no longer was breathing (so I thought); I miraculously woke up!

I KNOW in my KNOWER that Commander Angel (I believe had my name on his list to protect – so Miriam’s Guardian Warrior Angel) that I had seen previously in the week was outside my apartment that night. I truly believe that although the perpetrator did things against my body that noone should have done – violated me as a woman – God said you can not kill her! I believe that we all have an appointed time to leave this earthly realm but it wasn’t that time for me yet. So, perhaps that is why I didn’t see the throne of God when I believed my physical earthly body met its demise; because my time was not up yet and I was about to be reborn!

N.O.W. = New-Beginnings is OUR Witness! I truly believe that God had prepared that Angel to make sure the villian in this story – the one who comes to steal, kill, and to destroy – could not complete his mission.

Okay, so imagine if you were the person in this story who had been attacked with only 10 seconds left to breathe; what do you think would race through your mind?

10 seconds goes by quickly!

So, I would ask you this question?

ARE YOU READY to die in this earthly realm to wake up to an eternal abode?

I did not wake up that October morning thinking I was going to be attacked later on. I had no idea that in 10 seconds the very breath that I valued which sustained my earthly existence would be snuffed out of me at the hands of someone who premeditated all of his actions.

I didn’t have a clue, because I was just going about my normal business as usual day taking the precious existence of my earthly life for granted. And BOOM the danger unawares caught me off guard as I was trying to escape from an intruder who violated my home and meant me harm. This death dealer knocked me to the ground, my glasses flew off, and I was pinned face down with him on top of me having his way with my body.

I am a large woman, but there was no strength in me when I was caught off guard, knocked down, and attacked struggling to survive! I was out of options. So, my last resort was to scream and so I did! Well, that was when I only had 10 seconds left to breathe because this enemy was not going to let me continue to scream or even breath.

I guess this derranged demon driven person was thinking, “Yeah, I can finish what I want without any hindrance!”

I really don’t know how long I was unconcious because my last thought was this is it I am now going to die…BUT GOD had a different plan for my life. He said I would live and not only live I would receive Life and that Life MORE Abundant!

Well, I am not trying to be the bearer of gloom and doom; I am just asking you to put yourself in my shoes or anyones shoes…because we will all have to wear these shoes one day when we only have 10 seconds of breath left in our earthly bodies before we transition into a new eternal realm.

I always present the option for all of us that God allows us the power of Choice. You and I can choose how to live here on this planet and that choice will lead to our eternal destination residence.

I didn’t have enough seconds to think of a long prayer of repentence. I wasn’t even thinking of praying and reaching out to ask for forgiveness at that critical time when I was in between life and death. All I knew was I was going to die and there was NOTHING I could do about it!

This is my personal testimony …well part of it. So, I just want anyone who reads this message to really (seriously) ask yourself – If YOU have only 10 seconds left (or less) will YOU be ready?

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…then no more!

I just have 1 more question for YOU TODAY: Do you choose life or do you choose death?

Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve «
What say ye? The choice is yours…


The Thankful Revolution rejoices with you and looks forward to continuing to encourage, edify, educate, and inspire as we traverse along our life’s pathway and choices.  Enjoy the journey!

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P.S. Remember, to help us navigate through this life and enjoy a new life that one being eternal with God our Father; we have to make a decision N.O.W. = New Beginnings is our Witness. Below provides a prayer that you can ask the Lord to become your Redeemer, Healer, Savior, your everything to help you on your personal life’s journey – even though it may be bitter some times with God He always sweetens your steps. Love you always! Miriam aka Essence of Myrrh Proverbs 3:5-7.

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